Weight Loss Testimonials

Claudia Lost 32 lbs

My name is Claudia, I have come to the BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center on April of 2007 and I am very proud that this place's professionalism and kindness. In just two months, I have lost 32 pounds. Now I am very happy. I feel much more healthier and with more energy each day.

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Linda Lost 65 lbs

My name is Linda, I am 64 years old. Before coming to BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center, I weighed 204 lbs and I was diagnosed with severe high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other ailments and symptoms associated with excess weight and tired easily.

When I played with my grandchild I found that my energy didn’t match my ambition. However, after joining the 3-month weight loss program I have lost 65 lbs. I don’t weigh from 204 lbs anymore, now I just weigh 139 lbs! I not only look and feel better and more energetic, but my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have returned to normal. Amazingly, my diabetes and the other fat-related diseases I used to suffered from have all disappeared!

I am really grateful to Michelle at BodyPerfect Beauty for bringing me back to my youth and my energy and that is why I have agreed to let BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center share my success story with others.

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Gloria Lost 35 lbs

I had dizziness and nausea due to vertigo which led me to decide to make a choice of making myself better and to lose weight. I also had a Hypo Thyroid, high cholesterol, swelling of my hands and feet due to water retention and often sleepless nights.

When I joined BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss, I was 230 pounds. I have lost over 35 pounds in just over two months. I now feel great! I no longer feel dizziness or nausea, my swelling has reduced a great deal and my cholesterol is normal now. I no longer have sleepless nights and wake up with energy everyday. Having a Hypo Thyroid makes it so hard to lose weight and to keep it off sometimes even harder but since I’ve been able to lose so much weight in such little time with no sacrifices just makes me feel even more energetic and happy that everyone can see just by looking at me. I felt the difference by the second day and feel better and better every day.

I don’t know how to thank everyone at BodyPerfect for changing my life, health, the outer me but most importantly, the inner me. I feel like a new person!

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Martha Lost 53 lbs

Three months ago, before I started my treatments at BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss I used to think that I would never lose any weight. But now that I have seen results, I’m very happy that I have achieved my goals. I am grateful to my friend who invited me to come here to BodyPerfect to take the treatments.

I now feel better, my self-esteem is high now and I’m very healthy because the treatments are completely natural. I feel so enthusiastic and happy because now I can dress the way I’ve always wanted to. I am now more confident than I ‘ve ever been about the way I look.

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Annie Lost 18 lbs

In order to lose weight it has been for 10 years and I have tried lots of different methods, however they all didn’t work. Before joining the treatments at BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss I just wanted to give it a last try. If it doesn’t work, then I will probably give up and won’t try it anymore because I don’t want to waste money and time to do so. However, I can’t imagine one package can help me to lose 18 lbs in 40 days from 130 lbs to 112 lbs.

I am now feeling a lot younger than before and I don’t have wrinkles even though I have lost 18 lbs. I have never dreamed of having the perfect body shape like now. I am more surprised because I never regained 18 lbs in half years. Now, I am very happy, energetic everyday and I have referred my daughter to BodyPerfect.

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Judy Lost 23 lbs

When I was small I was so fat and people around me always called me ‘a little pumpkin’ which made me feel depressed and uncomfortable. Also, it is difficult for me to buy clothes which makes me lose my self-confidence. I have tried a lot of methods in losing weight starting from age 10 with my mother; however, they were all not working for me except the weight lost treatments from BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss. In just 2-month treatments I have lost 23 lbs starting from 154 lbs to 130 lbs.

After losing 23 lbs, I feel so excited and my self-confidence has been increased a lot because of losing weights. Now, I can go shopping and buying new clothes with my mother without trying the size.

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Elvia Lost 19 lbs

In early 2005 I had been dealing with some discomfort from stress related issues. I went to see my physician and was instructed to take medication to deal with the problem. I was a bit reluctant, but I ended up taking the medication. Unfortunately for me one of the side effects from taking the medication caused me to gain an amazing twenty two pounds within a three month period. Ever since then I tried numerous things to lose the weight and nothing was working.

That was until a couple of months ago, I went from 155lbs. to 136 lbs., my dress size was a 12 petite to now an 8 petite. All of this was done in just a couple of months with no surgery and the support of BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss. I can honestly state after coming to BodyPerfect I have felt so much better about myself. I have my confidence back and love hearing the great compliments from people.

Thank you BodyPerfect!

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Vicky Lost 30 lbs

Two months ago, my weight was 208 lbs. My clothes size was 16. I felt devastated, tired and with no energy. Now I have lost 30 lbs. I feel great with a lot of energy and my clothes size is 8. I am so grateful with my friend that introduced me to BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss.

Now I feel younger. I can dress with the kind of clothes that I like and shop every time with no problem. My marriage has become even happier.

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Margaret Lost 14 lbs

Thank you Michelle and BodyPerfect Weight Loss, I was starting to gain a lot of weight and since I am not very tall it made me look very fat. I didn’t think I looked attractive anymore for my husband. Since I have lost weight everyone comments how much younger I look and my husband can’t take his eyes off me.

I feel better and I am wearing dresses that I have not worn in years, I even went shopping with my daughter and bought a sexy dress that I would not have thought about even trying on just a few months ago.

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