Weight Loss Reviews and Photos

  • Linda Lost 65 lbs

    My name is Linda, I am 64 years old. Before coming to BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center, I weighed 204 lbs and I was diagnosed with severe high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other ailments and symptoms associated with excess weight and tired easily.

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  • Martha Lost 53 lbs

    Three months ago, before I started my treatments at BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss I used to think that I would never lose any weight. But now that I have seen results, I’m very happy that I have achieved my goals. I am grateful to my friend who invited me to come here to BodyPerfect to take the treatments.

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  • Gloria Lost 35 lbs

    I had dizziness and nausea due to vertigo which led me to decide to make a choice of making myself better and to lose weight. I also had a Hypo Thyroid, high cholesterol, swelling of my hands and feet due to water retention and often sleepless nights.

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  • Claudia Lost 32 lbs

    My name is Claudua, I have come to the BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center on April of 2007 and I am very proud that this place's professionalism and kindness. In just two months, I have lost 32 pounds. Now I am very happy. I feel much more healthier and with more energy each day.

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  • Vicky Lost 30 lbs

    Two months ago, my weight was 208 lbs. My clothes size was 16. I felt devastated, tired and with no energy. Now I have lost 30 lbs. I feel great with a lot of energy and my clothes size is 8. I am so grateful with my friend that introduced me to BodyPerfect Beauty Weight Loss.

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BodyPerfect Philosophy

Whatever your age, you can have a beautiful, healthy body. BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center will help you. We'll provide you with everything you need to lose weight and have a beautiful and healthy body.

We wish anyone who struggles with their weight success in losing thier excess weight.