Weight Loss Program

BodyPerfect Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

The advanced technology and proven methods unique to BodyPerfect can help you lose weight and keep it off for good! Our weight loss technology comes from around the world and our weight loss machines require no physical exercise; in fact our weight loss program may actually put you to sleep.

No Sweat Weight Loss

With over 5,000 success stories from people just like you who have used our weight loss program to lose 20, 40, 60 pounds and more (see our weight loss success stories and photos) it’s amazing that anyone who is trying to lose weight would ever spend time in a gym. We have state of the art machines that actually melt your fat away, this patented technology is only available in a handful of weight loss locations but you can find these incredible weight loss machines at both of our weight loss centers in Arcadia and San Gabriel.

BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss has over thirteen years of experience in treating people with mild to extreme weight gain, with our weight loss program you will start to see incredible results in your overall appearance soon after you begin your weight loss program.

Achieving Long Lasting Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

  • Increase the rate of metabolism.
  • Lower the calorific capacity.
  • Promote overall body health.
  • Employ only proven and safe treatments.
  • Effective and proven treatments.
  • No liposuction or other surgery.
  • Absolutely No drugs, No injections and No side effects!

Along with our advanced weight loss technology our health and nutrition professionals are going to teach you how to prepare natural and organic foods to eat in order to maintain your highest level of health, nutrition and weight loss permanently. Our professional nutritionist will work with you to create a customized weight-loss treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your body’s needs, a plan that will permit you to achieve your maximum weight loss.

At BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center we offer a comprehensive weight loss, health and vitality plan that combines proper nutrition, the latest weight loss technology and specially prepared Chinese herbs and natural substances to achieve the greatest weight loss and improved vitality available anywhere. We are the only weight loss center that complies with the following important guidelines in our weight loss treatment program:

3-Step Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss consists of a three step program to help our clients in developing the body they desire:

  • Thermal Slimming
  • Through the use of the latest and most advanced weight loss and toning machines available anywhere in the world, we enable our clients to burn fat faster and more efficiently which allows our clients to achieve an ideal body shape more quickly than they would ever have thought possible.

  • Detoxification
  • During the course of our daily lives we are constantly exposed to air pollution and other environmental contaminants. These toxins combined with unhealthy living habits induce illness and rob us of our natural energy, unless we eliminate these toxins properly. Bamboo crystal detoxification foot plaster, made of bamboo and other natural ingredients and is the most effective detoxification means currently available, it also represents the apex of natural physiotherapy.

  • No Rebound
  • Continued use of our all natural Fitness Essence weight loss enables our clients to shed unwanted pounds through natural therapy and prevents fat cells from reproducing. This enables our clients to lose weight without experiencing a subsequent weight-gain or "rebound".

Shape Your Body into Beautiful Curves with the PerfectBody Shaping Technique Combination

The shape of your body is an important element your natural beauty. Everyone has her own natural body shape and your shape will change as you grow older. In accordance with the laws of body shaping and taking into account a client’s age and her natural body shape type, Bodyperfect Beauty and Weight Loss has developed a body shaping technique which will allow you to transform your body shape into a "Human Golden Ratio" - your optimal body shape for health and beauty. We provide you with a shape improvement plan and use modern optical and thermal machines to help you to sculpt your body into sexy, beautiful curves. Our curve-shaping technique has three steps that will let you have the body you desire.

BodyPerfect Philosophy

Whatever your age, you can have a beautiful, healthy body. BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center will help you. We'll provide you with everything you need to lose weight and have a beautiful and healthy body.

We wish anyone who struggles with their weight success in losing thier excess weight.