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With obesity statistics higher than ever in America and the images of perfect bodies throughout all forms of media, it is no wonder that most of us want to lose at least a few pounds and when you visit the BodyPerfect weight loss center in Arcadia we will show you how to lose those unwanted pounds. One thing to remember is that each of our bodies is different. We put on and shed pounds differently too. Learning how to lose weight most effectively for your specific body type can help you receive quicker results, which our BodyPerfect weight loss center in San Gabriel will teach you when you start your weight loss program. So whether you join The BodyPerfect Arcadia weight loss program or the BodyPerfect weight loss program, the first step we"ll take is figuring out what body type is your dominant one. There are four scientific classifications for female body types (or shapes): endomorph (lymphatic), ectomorph (thyroid), mesomorph (android) and gynaeoid.

Factors in Weight Gain

Women with the lymphatic, or endomorph, body type tend to retain fluid and gain weight easily all over the body. This is due to a slow metabolism, sluggish lymphatic system, preference for dairy products, and an aversion to exercise. They also have a tendency toward cellulite. Though this body type tends to be one of the more difficult ones to get the weight off, they can achieve long lasting and beautiful results. The shape of the endomorph body will lend itself to bigger bones, round midsection, large trunk, and round face. Because of a slow metabolic rate, the recommended diet for this body type includes lots of vegetables, simple carbohydrate fruits, and small portions of lean chicken, turkey, or fish. It"s best if these are eaten in very small meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism churning at its highest rate. Exercising in ten minute spurts several times a day is also effective.

Natural Weight Loss

As we grow older, it seems like losing weight can become harder and harder. Simply limiting calories and exercising doesn"t always do the trick. Some of this is because of hormonal changes in our bodies, but some of it is because the toxins in our environment and in the foods we eat have had longer to build up in our systems. Natural weight loss is based in the idea that we need to get rid of the toxic elements in the body and feed it whole foods with intense nutritional value. Getting the body back into proper balance in health and weight reduces the risk of many diseases and disorders, not mention we look and feel better overall.

The Detoxification Process

The best natural weight loss plans start with a detoxification program. There are several natural processes that the body uses to rid itself of wastes and toxins. Urination, excretion, and sweating all push toxins out of your body. Drinking water also flushes the system. Most Americans do not get the right amount of water each day. You should divide your weight (in pounds) in half and then drink that many ounces per day of water. Green tea can also help to detox the body. Detoxification fasts can be very effective at jumpstarting the loss of stubborn weight, like belly fat.

There are four scientific classifications for female body types (or shapes): endomorph (lymphatic), ectomorph (thyroid), mesomorph (android) and gynaeoid...

After a detoxification process, you need an eating lifestyle that will enable you to lose the weight and keep it off. Natural weight loss diets are basically eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Raw or quick steamed vegetables and fruits should be the bulk of your intake. These are filling yet do not have tons of calories. You can increase your metabolism by sprinkling them with cayenne pepper or cinnamon. As a treat, a dollop of whipped cream is a great, low fat addition to a bowl of fruit. Low fat, organic meats and whole grains are also a healthy part of your diet.

Another item that people tend to know but forget to do is to drastically increase water intake. The amount of water (in ounces) that we should drink each day is equal to half our weight (in pounds). If you are not fond of the taste of water, try making a pitcher of filtered water with lemon, lime, thin slices of cucumber, or strawberries to give a refreshing fruity hint to your required ounces without upping the calories. Sugar and salt beget more sugar and salt. This means that as you eat these two items, your body begins to crave them more. Sodas containing both of these lead you right to other damaging snacks.


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