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Michelle Meng Founder of BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss is often asked weight loss questions such as ... "How can I lower my high cholesterol and high blood pressure?", or "I lost weight on my own but gained the weight back again, what can I do to keep the weight off?. Everyone experiencing an ongoing weight problem wants to know how they can lose weight quickly and effectively. Everyday, I meet people with different questions about losing weight. Often, I find that these people have the wrong ideas about weight loss. Therefore, I feel that I have a responsibility to use my knowledge and experience in weight loss, including my personal struggle with weight loss, to help those who need to lose weight. I wish for everyone to be healthy, beautiful, youthful and long-lived.

About 12 years ago I too was over weight. My weight was then about 143 lbs, which, since I am not that tall or big naturally, was far too much. I was a beauty specialist then, and my excess weight and the resulting lack of pleasing curvature on my body were causing me to doubt myself, and causing my clients to lose confidence in my ability as a beauty specialist. Therefore, I was determined to find a healthy and easy way to lose weight. I studied under world famous weight-loss specialist Professor Liu. From him, I learned that one of the best ways to lose weight is to change one"s pH composition, from acidic to low basic. If the pH of the body is between 7.3~7.4, the body can most effectively run its metabolism and its immune system. Therefore, if this pH level is maintained, the body will have less toxins, less sickness, less fat and your skin and hair will become more healthy and beautiful.

Increasing the Quality and Longevity of Your Life

We all know that it is possible for human to live to somewhere between 115 and 150. However, most people only live to between 70 and 80. Those with weight problems will live on average 10 to 20 years less than people who maintain a proper weight. But a shorter life is not the only price people pay for being overweight: those with a weight problem often have issues with their emotions, and with their self esteem and self image. They often feel depressed, and have little self-respect. Thus, losing weight is extremely important both for optimal physical and emotional health. It is my goal in life to help others quickly and easily lose excess weight, making them more healthy, more beautiful, more confident and able to live a longer, more enjoyable life.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

As technology advances many diseases once thought incurable have become curable or at the least treatable to a certain extent, but no one can doubt that it is much better to not get sick in the first place. For example, decades ago, before the introduction of insulin, if a person became diabetic he or she would simply die. Now, with the availability of insulin, many diabetics often live for many years with their disease. Still, everyone would agree that it would have been much preferable if they had not become diabetic in the first place. In short, preventing sickness is by far the best way to "cure" sickness. Do not wait for high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to come to you before you decide to lose weight! It is much easier to prevent these diseases from occurring than it is to treat them once they have fully developed. People should start to watch their weight right now and take the necessary action to lose weight before they develop serious health problems. Those who plan ahead and take the necessary action to prevent illness before it arises are much more likely to have a healthy, confident and happy life.

BodyPerfect Philosophy

Whatever your age, you can have a beautiful, healthy body. BodyPerfect Beauty and Weight Loss Center will help you. We'll provide you with everything you need to lose weight and have a beautiful and healthy body.

We wish anyone who struggles with their weight success in losing thier excess weight.